Thanks for visiting. Here you will find a curated body of work done by me, Masaki Koike.

Think + Make = design.

As a design practitioner, I am on a quest of finding the right answer to each problem. I believe in constant reinvention and doing what’s right for the project. Whether it’s a movie poster, a logo or package, I believe there is a common thread that runs through it all. I started Phyx Design so that I don’t stick to one look or one industry. It makes for a well rounded designer, thinker and problem solver.

Intuition, sensitivity, skillset and opinion are at the core of hiring Phyx Design. My expereience and skillset has prepped me to handle a multitude of projects both big and small.

My clients range from big to smaller companies such as Netflix, Warner Music Group, Universal Music Group and BMG to Criterion Collection to indie record labels such as Light in the Attic.

My project for Woodstock and What it is! boxed sets earned a Grammy Award for Best Boxed or Special Limited Edition Package. With multiple Grammy nominations for Black Sabbath - The Dio Years, Phish - The Clifford Ball, The Smith Tapes and Grateful Dead -  Get Shown the Light My most recent accomplishement was being selecteed by the City of Los Angeles for the design of the citywide campaign against AAPI hate called LA for ALL.

I am native angeleno and reside in Pasadena, California. I taught Design Fundamentals and Typography at UCLA Extensions DCA program for over a decade. I’m a self proclaimed cinefile and avid yoga practitioner. Overall, i’m a good person so please reach out!
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